We are all biochemically different, our needs vary according to our genetic make-up, our environment, diet and lifestyle. Modern day life often means we seek easy quick food which is often over processed, over contaminated (with pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, colourants and preservatives) and over travelled leading to nutrient deficient, low quality produce.
Over the past 20 years surveys indicate that large percentages of the population are deficient in vitamins and minerals and receive well below the Recommended Daily Amounts (RDA). Even a "well balanced diet" can lead to deficiencies depending on your body's requirements. Many health conditions are an indication that there are nutrient deficiencies and that the body is maladapting...
Nutritionally Whole is all about treating yourself well and honouring your body. Browse through the details here and then contact Ruth for an initial chat about how she will be able to help you.

Ruth also writes articles for www.pureandme.com, have a look at the link if you want more information on Urinary Tract Infections or speak to Jane for specific information.
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